$ 100 Starting 2 people
  • Here's a possible improved version of the description: Delve into the captivating story of Pablo Escobar, the infamous drug lord who was born, raised, and "killed" in Colombia. Our tour guide will take you on a journey through the context of his upbringing and the turbulent era of Colombian history that shaped his rise to power.

    Along the way, we'll visit significant landmarks that provide a deeper understanding of this fascinating, yet controversial, period of our past. Discover the truth behind the mystery of his death, and explore the lingering legacy of his impact on Colombian society.

    For an additional 50 USD, you can choose to visit Comuna 13 and experience the colorful graffiti route that showcases the vibrant culture of this once-dangerous neighborhood.


EXPLORE 360º vr

Embark on a unique and fascinating journey into the life and legacy of one of Colombia's most notorious and infamous figures, Pablo Escobar. Our tour includes private transportation, a bilingual guide, and snacks throughout the journey.

We'll visit several locations that played significant roles in the life of Pablo Escobar, including the house where he died and the cemetery where he is buried alongside his family. We'll also explore the Memorial Park, once the Monaco building, Escobar's home, bombed in 1884 by the Cali cartel and we'll pass by the Virgin of Assassins, known back in the days by the "sicarios" that visited her to pray for protection.

Additionally, we'll take a closer look at the neighborhood that bears his name and learn about the impact that he had on the community. Throughout the tour, our guide will provide historical context and gain a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding this controversial figure.

This tour lasts approximately 5 hours.




4-5 hours long

Pablo Escobar’s Grave

Gricelda & Gustavo are also buried here


Barrio Pablo Escobar

Inflexion Park

Where he lived (Monaco Building)

Virgin of Assassins

Crazy but real

Terrorist attack at San Antonio

Example of terrorism

House where he died

Olivos neighborhood

family museum

Optional (Not included)


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Anailssa L
Anailssa L
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Chelsea D
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