Want to visit Colombia, but don’t know where to begin? The Andes Adventure solves this dilemma with expert planning, arranging, and coordinating in an all-in-one package specially for you. We spoil your independent travel spirit, without having to navigate the unknown by yourself. The Andes Adventure replaces travel obstacles with ease and ideal arrangements just for you. You can enjoy every moment of your trip without having the stress of putting everything together, we know that you´re looking to relax and forget about responsabilities. Travel with an expert local guide who is always there to point you in the right direction. In places where you wouldn’t begin to know your way, you’ll never feel lost with The Andes Adventure. You can choose to go alone, or you can choose to feel like a local. That’s the big difference. THE ANDES ADVENTURE DIFFERENCE

the andes adventure

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We are a company with more than 10 years of experience in the world of travel, a company that has a deep and obsessive love for Colombia, an infinite passion for our culture and an ardent desire to contribute to the change our country deserves.

We have the best staff to enhance the experience of our travelers, with the best quality in our products, with guides fluent in different languages and experts in immersing our customers in an unforgettable experience. We have dedicated ourselves to teach and transform the perception that the world has of us, we want to show the everybody how extraordinary Colombia is, its diversity, its cultures, its history, its landscapes and its people.

We will make your trip an extraordinary experience.

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